Campaign: Penny Market Hűségkártya

Date: 10 August, 2020 – 31 December, 2020

This campaign delivered in full and served 1,072,065 impressions, achieved an overall CTR of 0.92% exceeding our benchmark of 0.30%, reached more than 180,000 unique devices at a frequency of 5,9.

This campaign achieved an overall footfall rate of 7.02%. The highest converting targeting strategy has been the re-targeting PATH one with 8,447 administrated unique devices converted resulting in a store visit rate of 5.84%.

We saw 6,878 unique devices converted 24 hours after being exposed to the ad. The highest converting Penny Market stores across the campaign are located in Budapest.

We realised that the best converting hours were at 10:00am and 15:00pm in average; and the highest converting days were Tuesdays followed by Fridays and Wednesdays.

We also realised that Tuesdays were the best days to serve the ads to ensure the highest conversions, especially in the early morning hours starting from 06:00 am.